Dr Elisabeth Dancey MB BCAM

Dr Dancey trained in the UK, France and Belgium and was one of the founders of Cosmetic medicine in the UK (1993).

She introduced electroridopuncture and mesotherapy to the UK. She is the author of "The Cellulite Solution" and has assisted Johnson and Johnson, L'Oreal and Vibrant Medical with various campaigns and product launches.

Dr Dancey is a member of the following associations: British College of Aesthetic Medicine, Primary Care Dermatological Society, British Association of Sclerotherapists BMA, GMC.


How Do We Make PRP?

Nobody likes to be told that they look “tired” but this is indeed what happens as we age. The face gradually loses volume then falls as gravity takes hold and the support tissues fail to hold the face up so well. Research has proven...
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What Does PRP Do?

The health of our bodies both inside and out is key to getting the best out of life and to feeling great about ourselves. We can help with medical advice and procedures to maximise your potential and reverse some aspects...
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PRP Treatment

Our skin protects us from the outside. It is our window on the world; the skin speaks well before we do. People assess us immediately, for better or worse. Bad skin is one of the leading reasons for people to seek help. Regular skin care will...
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Injured? In Pain? Told to learn to live with it?

Maybe PRP could help you.

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is an exciting new biomedical treatment that harnesses the healing capacity of the body.

The key to the healing is the platelets, blood cells that are released when we sustain injury.

At one time platelets were just seen as blood cells that were involved in the clotting process. Little was known about their miraculous healing properties until the first growth factor was identified about 50 years ago.

Now we understand that many growth factors are contained within the platelets and that these growth factors are the message for the tissues to rejuvenate and regenerate.

The treatment is referred to as "Platelet Rich Plasma" or "PRP". PRP is not just any PRP. PRP has been used somewhat colloquially and this term oversimplifies Platelet Rich Plasma and its exciting capabilities.

Just like any medication, the exact dose, frequency, quality and quantity has to be defined and understood.

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